Who we are

Katja and Christian

1 .
We love spending our time with friends & family here in the North by and on the water.
Even if the wave is small and the water is cold.


We take this attitude to life with us into everyday life
on shirts, jumpers, caps, mugs, beautiful prints and much more.

3 .
We want to create long-lasting Waterkoog classics, not collections.
Bells and whistles are not our thing. But pithy slogans and great graphics.
As Northern Germans, we love grey in all shades.

4 .
We use products that are produced fairly and, if possible, with organic and/or recycled raw materials.
The idea of sustainability is pursued in all process steps and constantly optimised.
We owe it to our children and our planet to leave behind clean waves.

Ideas shaped by cold water

We want to do good and support social cases, NGOs and ideas that make a change.

Clean waves for future generations

We want to spread salty northern vibes with our fair and sustainable products.

So that you can feel at ease every day