Ideas shaped by coldwater

Ideas are our superpower. We love to use it on our shirts, but we think it's really good if we can use it to make the world a better place too. At least a little bit. Step by step. Wave after wave.

Stand up

In view of the former federal elections in Germany, we urgently wanted to get involved and to stand up. We launched the STAND UP campaign together with Peppermynta Mag and designed the STAND UP T-shirt in the process.

In the context of surfing, STAND UP stands for standing up on the wave, tirelessly "trying again" until something works out and, of course, also for STAND UP paddling.

But STAND UP means much more: STAND UP and confess! With our shirt, we want to encourage people to speak their mind, show interest and get involved, report on their commitment and inspire others with it. As water sports enthusiasts, outdoor lovers and green & fair fashion fans, clean seas, nature conservation and fair production conditions are almost automatically close to our hearts.

With every shirt you got a mini demonstration sign on which you could write what you stand for or against. The sign was also available for free download on our homepage, because it was important to us that participation in STAND UP was not tied to a purchase from us. The shirt gave you the opportunity to show our conviction in everyday life.

All participants gathered on Instagram under the hashtag #standupsummer.
So many wonderful and touching contributions came together, a whole lot of people who got involved and inspired others. Magazines like Couch and Brigitte and many blogs reported on it.

We are very proud that together with our community & Peppermynta we were able to donate over 1,000 euros to the charity Viva con agua at the end of the campaign.


7 Beaufort

With this shirt we want to express our love for the strong wind, the stiff breeze that we love and appreciate because it gives us thrust. The waves that roll towards us and catapult us into the sky.

But not only good things come with the storm. By buying the shirt, you join us in supporting the Seenotretter who rescue shipwrecked people from distress at sea, save people from danger and care for the injured and sick. They are always on duty, around the clock and in all weathers - especially during storms.

6,00 Euro per shirt will be donated to Die Seenotretter.

As a thank you, we are enclosing an A5 wind chart beautifully designed by Katja, printed on 100% recycled paper.

7 Beaufort Sweater

Watt ever

We love the Wadden Sea. We wouldn't have it any other way.
Somehow it always shows when we need high tide, when there is wind and we actually want to be on the water. Sometimes we not only silently curse the low tide....

But tidal flats teach us. For example, patience, the sea sets the pace and only the second glance sees life hidden beneath the surface. The Wadden Sea is one of the most active habitats in the world and produces almost as much biomass as the rainforest. Mudflats create connections, because when the water recedes, the footpath to otherwise inaccessible Halligen is exposed.
And finally, our thoughts are carried halfway around the world by millions of migratory birds.

Sometimes we just want to let our thoughts go - then WATT EVER is just the thing to practise Nørdian equanimity. It is not important what others expect. Being with oneself needs a WATT EVER every now and then to find the inner north. And also to check one's own expectations.
Sometimes you need to take whole days or weeks in a heartfelt WATT EVER. Let the sea come and go and start again.

And finally, WATT EVER is also what we need to make this world a better place - WATT EVER it takes to stand up for sustainability and equality and to drive racism out of hearts.

Watt is love.


Social Surf Club

We would like to introduce you to a project that moves great things and that we want to support: The Social Surf Club e.V.
The Social Surf Club from Hamburg gives children and young people with difficult life issues an enriching time out by the sea and on the water. Learning to surf, forgetting everyday worries, exchange and the feeling of being held and seen in a group.

The offer is aimed at young people with many questions about life. Will my parents break up? Why don't I like myself? Why does my brother or sister have to die so early? Why do I have this disease? Why is my father violent? Why don't I live with my biological parents? What does the sea look like? And in general, who am I and how do I fit into this world.

The counsellors of the Social Surf Club offer to support the children and young people in finding answers to these questions. They moderate the group on the basis of a simple assumption: there is a good reason for everyone to be in the world. Those who discover this and bring it into their lives in their own individual way experience happiness and enrich the community. You can let yourself be carried into the future by this happiness if you succeed in using the forces well for yourself. Thus, not only surfing and spending time in nature creates more self-confidence, more motivation and inspiration.

Through the surf camps, the children not only get the opportunity to go to the sea and learn how to surf, they also get much more along the way: a living blueprint for a new way of living together, in which conflicts are negotiated sustainably and peacefully. They learn to be kinder to the environment and gain an optimistic perspective. The 2 weeks of surf camp are free of charge for the young people and are realised entirely through donations and voluntary work. We find this remarkable, and since we have experienced and still experience how healing the time on and around the water is, we are happy to support this project.

Whether it's donations in kind, money or active membership, be sure to check out And leave something. Make it possible for these young people to have a positive outlook, also and especially during this time. Because you too know the good effects that wind, waves and sea have on all of us.

If you find a flyer in your Waterkoog order, pass it on! Spread the word!

Supporting good things

We want to support projects that do good. We are convinced that every good action, every step in the right direction counts. With every purchase you get sustainable, fairly made products and you make sure we can support these important projects. With ideas, with action, with inspiration. Thank you.