We love to share laughter, our beer and even our waves with our family & friends. Meet people who inspire us, empower us and live the salty life.

Christian Harder

Kitesurfing / Surfing Sinus waves

Homespot: Northsea

Favorite-North-Spot: Krik

Favourite manoeuvre: Olli Kickflip, drop the bass

Life motto: Knowledge is king but experience makes me shiver.

What makes you happy? Love & Laugh.

Perfect day: 25kn, sun, clouds, family

Jan Ruhser

Überkiter / Wave SUP / Wingding

Homespot: Alster

Favorite-North-Spot: Agger

Favourite manoeuvre: Laughing

Life motto: Try again

What makes you happy? To be at the sea side

Perfect day: A day at the ocean with wind, waves and all of my friends

Katja Knoblich

Waterwoman / Windsurfing

Homespot: Büsum

Favorite-North-Spot: SPO, Heiligenhafen

Favourite manoeuvre: Laughing

Life motto: Go out and play.

What makes you happy? Wind & waves and family & friends

Perfect day: Today

Tobi Seemeier

Surfing / Skating / Good times

Homespot: Sankt Peter-Ording

Favorite-North-Spot: Thy

Favourite manoeuvre: Glide

Life motto: Work sucks, go surfing

What makes you happy? Surfing-Damn, that makes me so happy!

Perfect day: shoulder-highand glassy

Tanja Wilken


Homespot: Büsum

Favorite-North-Spot: Krik

Favourite manoeuvre: move forward

Life motto: when if not now

What makes you happy? Being by the sea, the view to the horizon

Perfect day: With love in your life, every day is perfect!

Tomas Grootveld

Surfer / Photographer

Homespot: Vlieland, NL

Favorite-North-Spot: Vlieland, NL

Favourite manoeuvre: Taking a high line

Life motto: Trying to be a better man everyday

What makes you happy? Julie 

Perfect day: Swell: NW 1,5 meters at 7 seconds, light SE winds

www.juliastuebner.de friend & photogtapher

www.peppermynta.de friends, best eco magazine

www.thesocialsurfclub.org voluntary surf camps for young guns

www.boardsport-ev.de dedicated water sports club in SPO

Good times SPO best Coffee & Surfshop in Sankt Peter

www.zealousclothing.de best surf bikinis & leggins

www.tomasgrootveld.com surfer, photographer, writer and traveller

www.olafheine.com friend, photographer, oceanlover

www.stellavie.de friends doing great stuff

www.spring-brandideas.com agency from friends

www.palisander.net branding studio of Katja